Imperfect Memory (re-FABLE)

This audio excerpts two violin pieces, both from my ancestral origins. One is a Mazandarani (Iranian) solo and the other a southern blues song from c.1926. The melancholy and deceptively lighthearted piece uses asynchronous sound to meander through a fabricated ancestral memory. The dissonant space between the melodies and the silence hints at a memory that is disjointed and frustrating much like recalling a dream the morning after.

Original tracks:

“Zabol and Mouyah” by Rahmatollah, on “Sounds of Violin and Kamancheh” 2002 Amity Records
“Violin Blues” by the Johnson Boys, on “Violin, Sing The Blues For Me: African-American Fiddlers 1926-1949” 1999 Old Hat Records